Prenatal Yoga Teacher training 孕期瑜伽教练培训课程-静之婵文化发展有限公司


Prenatal Yoga Teacher training 孕期瑜伽教练培训课程

2018-06-28 admin

Learn the art and science of teaching prenatal yoga to mothers-to-be in different stages of pregnancy from acclaimed teacher Master Dev Kapil. The course will cover prenatal class sequencing and structure, kneeling, standing , wall, inverted and restorative poses. Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body, anatomy and physiology of normal labor and birth, common discomforts and everything you need to know to teach a prenatal yoga class 


 As a women undergoes pregnancy, anatomical, hormonal and muscular changes our naturally in her body. Prenatal yoga effectively eases the various tension and discomfort mothers-to-be experience during the different trimesters and prepares their body for child birth. 女性在孕期中会经历一连串的变化,包括身体结构上的、生理上的、荷尔蒙分泌以及肌肉等。孕期瑜伽能有效地减轻准妈妈们面对的压力和孕期不适感,并且更好的为宝宝的生产做准备。



Training Date: 2017/05/08-12


北京市 海淀区 万寿路甲1号 恩济花园13号楼 208室 

Training Venue

208Room, 13Building, Enji Garden, WanShou Rd, HaiDian, Beijing, China , 100142 


Training fee: 15800.00 


Training fee for early bird:

13800.00 早鸟价时间截止日期为2017年3月1日 before Mar. 1st, 2017