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—— 梦想从这里起航
—— 梦想从这里起航
—— 梦想从这里起航


Jing Zhi Chan Yoga was established in 2007, China's first officially authorized Bikram Yoga Academy accredited college in the United States. Bikram Choudhury, the founder of High Temperature Yoga, personally authorized the responsibility for teacher training in China and Asia. The International Academy of Yoga Academy I I Y S · C N only authorizes the training of teachers at the Institute of Yoga.

Currently, seven quiet yoga studios in Beijing (Edo) are located in the most prosperous business district with convenient transportation, thousands of square meters of elegant and comfortable environment, bringing together international senior coaches, mature teaching style and professional classrooms, advanced The equipment allows you to practice in a quiet, relaxed environment; giving you the most active and correct yoga original experience. Honest and consistent yoga practice will unify your body, mind and soul. One breath and one breath, one tea, one stroke and one ink, all of a sudden, one by one, all in one's silence.


To bring yoga to everyone is to bring health to everyone; to practice yoga is to enjoy natural health

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Perfection is an attitude. Elegance is a kind of life. Tolerance is a kind of mentality. Beautiful life starts from yoga.

TEL 4006-558-569

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