Master DEV KAPIL’s first TTC in China 大师戴维•卡皮尔首届在华瑜伽教师培训课程-静之婵文化发展有限公司


Master DEV KAPIL’s first TTC in China 大师戴维•卡皮尔首届在华瑜伽教师培训课程

2018-06-16 admin
Trainee: Kaitlin review



Dev's 200 hr Teacher Training was an incredible experience. Dev has an ability to pick out alignment issues in every posture and fix them individually. He showed a tremendous amount of care for everyone's poses in the training program and gave many individual corrections for our personal practice, as well as instilling us with a wealth of knowledge to assist others in the yoga. Dev also pushed everyone in the training to our physical limits. After day 4, I thought there was no way I would make it through the rest of the training, but when day 5 came around I realized that by pushing me so hard he made me stronger than I ever though that I could be. I would recommend the training to anyone who wants to teach yoga, or even anyone who wants to deepen their practice. I am so grateful that I had the experience. Dev's training lit the fire inside of me again for hot yoga.

戴维的200小时教师培训是一个令人难以置信的经历。戴维具有能够鉴别出每一个体式体位的正位的问题所在并可以解决这些问题的能力。在培训过程中,他展现出极大的关心与照顾于每个人的体式动作,并给予很多个人实践的更正及指导,以及灌输我们丰富的知识从而帮助他人练习瑜伽。在培训过程中,戴维也训练推动我们每一个人到达生理极限。 4天之后,我觉得没有办法完成剩下的培训了,但就在第5天日子来临之时,我意识到,通过推动我如此艰苦的训练,他让我比有史以来的我都强大。我会建议这个培训向任何想要教瑜伽的人群,或是任何愿意深入瑜伽修练的人群。我很感激我有过这样的经历。 戴维的培训再次点燃我的内心高温瑜伽之火。